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Simply give me a call at 301.526.2722 or

Send an email to


My fees are reasonable and negotiable and depend on the type and complexity of the project you’re looking for:

Radio/TV Voice Overs

Video Game Characters

Fully Produced Radio Spots

(includes copy writing, voice over, music and effects)


Audio Books

Radio Station Imaging…

and more.

Call or email me for ano obligation quote.

A booking fee/deposit is required: 50% of the estimated cost for completion of the chosen service.

The balance due: is payable upon your approval of the finished project. You will receive a technically protected Approval Track for your review.  Once you have signed off on the Approval Track and the balance due is paid, you will receive a clean audio file. File types available are WAV, MP3 and AIFF.

Changes: Upon your request, I will make three content changes to your project at no additional charge. Beginning with the fourth change, the quoted, hourly rate will apply.*

Of course, there is never any charge for correcting my mistakes.

*This policy may vary for Audio Books.

A pre-paid retainer can be arranged based on a $25 per hour rate. That could produce significant savings for you.